What is BuyerBot?


Team members can search for items on Amazon directly from Slack or they can simply paste the URL of an item they wish to buy. Buyer Bot will then process their request to purchase the item.


Choose as many people as you like to be “Approvers,” people who can accept or decline purchase requests. Upon acceptance, requested items are added to a central Amazon cart for checkout, whether now or later.


Approvers can download reports with details of each request, including price and quantity, requestor, approver, and when the request was made. Did we mention that this is all done from Slack?

Add BuyerBot to Slack!


How do I request an item from Amazon?

There are two ways. You can search using the slash command /amazon followed by keywords to perform a search. You can also paste an Amazon product URL after the slash command or as a direct message to Buyer Bot.

Why can’t I remove myself as an approver?

Every team needs at least one approver to avoid having requests go nowhere. If you want to remove yourself, add someone else and have them remove you.

What data do you collect?

We anonymize as much data as we can. The only time we collect personal information is when we add names to reports so you know who requested what.

How much does this cost?

BuyerBot is free. Forever. So enjoy.


About BuyerBot

Ammon Brown: Creator

Ammon built BuyerBot when he became frustrated with shopping lists for his office that would continually get lost shuffled, or misplaced. He set to work in his spare time developing something that all office managers can use to streamline their purchasing. Ammon is a veteran of multiple successful startups and has worked for fortune 500 companies as well. A tinkerer, a programmer, a marketer, a comedian, and a children’s book author… He brings this rich and varied background to BuyerBot, building it from scratch. Feel free to hit him up on LinkedIn.